Withdrawal fees for publishers

One of key feature of MoonAds is very low amount of minimum withdrawal limit. It's just $1!

This is available because of the low cost transaction of cryptocurrency.

But these days some of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin charges relatively high fees for transaction, and it is why we need to introduce withdrawal fees for publishers.

Don't worry. you can still withdraw $1 without fees for some coins!

Take a look at withdrawal fee list below and choose what is best for you!


Withdrawal fee list

Bitcoin(BTC): 0.2$ per withdrawal

Ethereum(ETH): 0.2$ per withdrawal

Ripple(XRP): No fees

Bitcoin Cash(BCH): No fees

Litecoin(LTC): No fees

Withdrawal fees may change depending on the network costs, so make sure to check withdrawal fee before making requests.

If you would like to withdraw earning with coins or payment systems not listed here, contact us and we may add it in the future.