Register to Moonads today! It only takes few minutes.




From home, click the login on the upper right, the login screen will appear.


You can move to the registration screen by clicking the "Register" button at the bottom left.

Enter various information on the registration screen. The fields marked with a red mark on the left are mandatory.


For the domain name, enter the website where you want to advertise. If you haven't decided yet, put something like example.com is no problem.


The username, password, and email address must be correct, but other fields may be appropriate.

When you are finished, check the terms of service and click the button to register at the bottom left.


After clicking, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the entered e-mail address. Click the link provided to authenticate the e-mail address.


The registration is now complete.


Once you have registered, you can use all the features of Moonads!