Get paid by placing ads on your website!

By placing Moonads ads on your website, Moonads will automatically serve the best ads and earn you money based on the number of PVs and clicks.

By optimizing our ad delivery, we can achieve high levels of CTR, CPC.

Earnings can be received quickly in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

There is no review for websites that post ads. If you're a blog novice and don't meet the advertising standards of other ad networks, you can still sign up for a Moonads ad and run it right away. (In the case of low quality traffic sites such as Faucet, we may notify the publisher and take measures such as lowering the reward rate.)


Register for MOONADS now and place ads


1, add sites to advertise


Add your own website to Moonads that you want to advertise now!

From the publisher page, click SitesAdd Site.

On the Add Site page, enter some information about your website.

You do not have to enter all part. As long as you register the category and URL, you can earn money by posting advertisements.

Also, by inputting keywords related to information posted on your website in the keyword input field of the site, the distribution of advertisements will be optimized, and the possibility of earning high income will increase. 

You can always edit this information later.

When you are finished, click Submit. You have added a site.


2, create ad code


Next, let's create the advertising code! Pasting this code into your website will allow Moonads to automatically serve ads to your site.

Click ad codescreate.

Please create a new ad code on the Create page.

We recommend the text / banner inventory type.

Choose the size of your inventory based on your site where you want to advertise. Those marked with [Recommended] are ad sizes that can be expected to receive more advertisements and higher rewards per PV or click.

Once completed, click the Create Ad Code button to generate the ad code.


Now you have successfully created the ad code.


Paste the HTML code shown in the ad display code into your website and your ads will automatically be delivered and you will earn money.

How to paste the ad display code will vary depending on the software you are using, but we hope you will be able to set it based on the advertising method such as Google Adsence.


3, withdrawal of reward


The reward can be withdrawn when it reaches 1USD.

From the withdrawal application page in your account, you can apply for withdrawal by selecting the publisher balance by selecting withdrawal account.

Currently, only withdrawals in Cryptocurrencys are supported. If you do not have a wallet to receive cryptocurrency, you can get a virtual currency wallet here.

The withdrawal application will be executed within 24 hours in principle. However, please note that in some cases it may take up to one week for payment.